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A commonly used definition for enterprise application integration (EAI) is the integration of multiple, independently developed and maintained applications that use incompatible technologies and that are deployed on a wide range of platforms.

EAI capabilities for integrating existing and new applications are fundamental for reacting to business change. At its simplest, EAI enables the transfer of information between applications. But EAI can offer so much more. It can automate the flow of data between the applications that make up the business process flow. The applications in the flow must be enabled to send, receive, and work with this data and to return appropriate results.

With this definition, EAI is transformed from the relatively simple coupling of applications to a global business process implementation and integration. Important business processes comprise many applications combined into complex business tasks and they need to be up and running 24x7.

A major characteristic of EAI is automation. The integrated applications and business processes must run completely without human intervention. If human intervention is required, a workflow manager can generate work items to allow a company’ s staff to participate in the business processes.

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