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Trading binary content between B2B partners is an important part of conducting business in the B2B world. Increasingly, partners demand content that is not standard EDI, for instance, for medical images or video content in the entertainment industry.

Additionally,the XB60 B2BGW often receives these binary messages via a protocol, such as WebSphere MQ that does not have the same routing headers as AS2 or AS3. For inbound binary messages (messages sent to a B2BGW object) of this format,the DataPower Multi-Protocol Gateway (MPGW) object can aid in the transformation and routing of these types of messages.

Requirements include:

  • Ability to determine the routing destination to a B2B Gateway,
  • Ability to transform metadata to a known header format: AS2 or AS3,
  • Ability to dynamically route a message through the B2BGW via XSLT,
  • Ability to send and receive messages over HTTP or FTP.

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