Backing up the appliance - IBM Websphere

Now that the device is initialized and the base configuration is specified, it is a good idea to create a backup of the entire appliance.The backup and export utility copies specified configuration data from the appliance to a file in the export: directory. You can optionally download the file to your workstation.

Note: The following objects are never exported:

  • User account objects
  • Certificate objects
  • Key objects

Certificate Objects and key objects that are DataPower-generated keys and certificates can be exported attime of creation only and then never again.

The following files are never exported:

  • Log files
  • Firmware files

To ensure that all other objects and files are exported, use the admin account.For any other users, onlyobjects and files that are accessible to that user are included in the export package.

To start a backup of the entire appliance:

  1. Select Administration Configuration Export Configuration to display the Initial Export
    Configuration window.
  2. Select Create a backup of the entire system and click Next to display the File Name window:
  3. a. Specify a descriptive object-specific summary in the Comment field.
    b. The Export File Name defaults to export (.zip). If a file of this name exists in the export: directory, it is overwritten.
    c. Click Next. The configuration of the entire appliance is backed up.When the backup completes, the file is in the export: directory. You can optionally download the export file to your workstation.
  4. To download the export file to your workstation, click Download.
  5. Click Done to close this window and return to the Control Panel.

The export file can be accessed from the export: directory. If downloaded, the export file is on yourworkstation.

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