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Many B2B deployments are unsuccessful due to the lack of proper planning prior to installing and configuring the software solution. It is true that certain B2B deployments require little up-front preparation, while others require a considerable amount of up-front design and planning.

One of the fundamental problems with many B2B projects is that, many times, a deployment is performed without consideration of the business and security requirements that are related to the B2B solution. Being successful at deploying B2B technology is much more than just deploying software and hardware. It requires a thorough understanding of:

  • B2B as a technology, including the e-commerce standards that it employs
  • The B2B market and the customers that drive this technology
  • The value proposition of IBM B2B solutions

IBM Software Services for WebSphere created a B2B deployment methodology that is intended to guide implementors of B2B Integration technologies through a proven process that has been used and refined over many years and used for many B2B projects. We are providing the methodology here to give you an idea of what a typical B2B project looks like. The phases are not all inclusive, and in many cases, several of the phases will not be needed for a specific project

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