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WebSphere Development Studio is an application development package to help you rapidly and cost-effectively increase the number of e-business applications for the iSeries server. This package consolidates all of the key iSeries development tools, both host and workstation, into one iSeries offering.

The host development tools have undergone major improvements. We are shipping new C and C++ compilers, completely refreshed from the latest AIX compilers,to replace the existing versions of these compilers. This will help customers and solution providers port e-business solutions from other platforms.ILE RPG has also made major enhancements. Improved Java interoperability and free-form C-Specs top the list of enhancements. COBOL has added z/OS migration capabilities as well as introducing some COBOL/Java inter operability capabilities.

The following components are included in WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries.

Host components:

  • ILE C/C++
  • Application Development ToolSet (ADTS)

Workstation components:

  • IBM WebFacing Tool
  • iSeries development tools: Remote System Explorer and iSeries projects
  • Java development tools (with iSeries enhancements)
  • vWeb development tools (with iSeries enhancements)
  • Struts environment support
  • Database development tools
  • Web services development tools
  • Server development tools
  • XML development tools
  • CODE
  • VisualAge RPG
  • Integrated iSeries debugger

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