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WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries (Development Studio Client) is an application development package of workstation tools that helps you rapidly and cost- effectively increase the number of e-business applications for the iSeries server.

This package consolidates all of the key iSeries workstation-based development tools into one iSeries offering. It is also an included entitlement for purchasers of WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries.

WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries Feature List:

The workbench-based integrated development environment
IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries uses WebSphere Studio Workbench (WSWB) version 2.1.

The IBM WebFacing Tool
The IBM WebFacing Tool can convert your DDS display source files into an application that can be run in a browser.

Remote System Explorer and iSeries Development Tools
The Remote System Explorer, included as a part of iSeries development tools, encompasses the framework, user interface, editing, and file, command, and job actions of iSeries capability.

iSeries Java development tools
Java development tools and iSeries Java development tools give you the ability to develop Java applications and write, compile, test, debug, and edit programs written in the Java programming language for Java applications development.

iSeries Web development tools
Web development tools give you the ability to create new e-business applications that use a Web-based front end to communicate with the business logic in an ILE and non-ILE language program residing on an iSeries host.

Struts environment support
Development Studio Client offers support for Struts and the Web Diagram editor.

Database development tools
Database development tools support any local or remote database that has a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver.

Web services development tools
Web services development tools allow developers to create modular applications that can be invoked on the World Wide Web.

Server development tools
Server development tools are used to test applications in a local or remotely installed run-time environment.

XML development tools
XML development tools support any XML-based development.

CODE (CoOperative Development Environment)
CODE is the classic set of Windows tools for iSeries development. It gives you a suite of utilities for creating source and DDS files, and managing your projects.

VisualAge RPG
VisualAge RPG is a visual development environment that allows you to create and maintain client/server applications on the workstation.

Integrated iSeries debugger
The integrated iSeries debugger helps you debug code that is running on the iSeries system or on your Windows system, using a graphical user interface on your workstation.

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