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The binding process can produce a listing that describes the resources used, symbols and objects encountered, and problems that were resolved or not resolved in the binding process. The listing is produced as a spooled file for the job you use to enter the CRTPGM command. The command default is to not produce this information, but you can choose a DETAIL parameter value to generate it at three levels of detail:

  • *BASIC
  • *FULL

The binder listing includes the following sections depending on the value specified for DETAIL:

Sections of the Binder Listing based on DETAIL Parameter
Sections of the Binder Listing based on DETAIL Parameter

The information in this listing can help you diagnose problems if the binding was not successful, or give feedback about what the binder encountered in the process. You may want to store the listing for an ILE program in the file where you store the modules or the module source for a program. To copy this listing to a database file, you can use the Copy Spool File (CPYSPLF) command.

Note: The CRTBNDRPG command will not create a binder listing. However, if any binding errors occur during the binding phase, the errors will be noted in your job log, and the compiler listing will include a message to this effect. For an example of a basic binder listing, see “Sample Binder Listing”.

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