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Spooling is a system function that puts data into a storage area to wait for processing. The iSeries system provides for the use of input and output spooling functions. Each iSeries file description contains a spool attribute that determines whether spooling is used for the file at run time. The RPG program is not aware that spooling is being used. The actual physical device from which a file is read or to which a file is written is determined by the spool reader or the spool writer.

Output Spooling
Output spooling is valid for batch or interactive jobs. The description of the file that is specified in the RPG program by the file name contains the specification for spooling as shown in the following diagram:

Output Spooling Example
Output Spooling Example

File override commands can be used at run time to override the spooling options specified in the file description, such as the number of copies to be printed. In addition, iSeries spooling support allows you to redirect a file after the program has run. You can direct the same printed output to a different device such as a diskette.

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