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You can use the EQUATE debug command to equate a name with a field, expression or debug command for shorthand use. You can then use that name alone or within another expression. If you use it within another expression, the value of the name is determined before the expression is evaluated. These names stay active until a debug session ends or a name is removed.

To equate a name with a field, expression or debug command, type:

EQUATE shorthand-name definition

on the debug command line. shorthand-name is the name that you want to equate with a field, expression, or debug command, and definition is the field, expression, or debug command that you are equating with the name.

For example, to define a shorthand name called DC which displays the contents of a field called COUNTER, type:


on the debug command line. Now, each time DC is typed on the debug command line, the command EVAL COUNTER is performed.

The maximum number of characters that can be typed in an EQUATE command is 144. If a definition is not supplied and a previous EQUATE command defined the name, the previous definition is removed. If the name was not previously defined, an error message is shown.

To see the names that have been defined with the EQUATE debug command for a debug session, type:


on the debug command line. A list of the active names is shown on the Evaluate Expression display.

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