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Database files are objects of type *FILE on the iSeries system. They can be either physical or logical files and either externally described or program- described. You access database files by associating the file name with the device DISK in positions 36 through 42 of the file description specifications.

Database files can be created by OS/400 Create File commands.

Physical Files and Logical Files
Physical files contain the actual data that is stored on the system, and a description of how data is to be presented to or received from a program. They contain only one record format, and one or more members. Records in database files can be externally or program-described.

A physical file can have a keyed sequence access path. This means that data is presented to a program in a sequence based on one or more key fields in the file.

Logical files do not contain data. They contain a description of records found in one or more physical files. A logical file is a view or representation of one or more physical files. Logical files that contain more than one format are referred to as multi-format logical files.

If your program processes a logical file which contains more than one record format, you can use a read by record format to set the format you wish to use.

Data Files and Source Files
A data file contains actual data, or a view of the data. Records in data files are grouped into members. All the records in a file can be in one member or they can be grouped into different members. Most database commands and operations by default assume that database files which contain data have only one member. This means that when your program accesses database files containing data, you do not need to specify the member name for the file unless your file contains more than one member. If your file contains more than one member and a particular member is not specified, the first member is used.

Usually, database files that contain source programs are made up of more than one member. Organizing source programs into members within database files allows you to better manage your programs. The source member contains source statements that the system uses to create program objects.

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