Calling Special Routines - IBM - RPG

ILE RPG supports the use of the following special routines using the CALL and PARM operations or the CALLP operation:

  • Message-retrieving routine (SUBR23R3)
  • Moving Bracketed Double-byte Data and Deleting Control Characters (SUBR40R3)
  • Moving Bracketed Double-byte Data and Adding Control Characters (SUBR41R3).

Note: You cannot use the CALLB operation to call these special subroutines.

You can use CALLP if you define a prototype for the subroutines. While the message retrieval routine is still supported, it is recommended that you use the QMHRTVM message API, which is more powerful.

Similarly, the routines SUBR40R3 and SUBR41R3 are being continued for compatibility reasons only. They will not be updated to reflect the level of graphic support provided by RPG IV via the new graphic data type.

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