(Trace End) is an immediate command you can use to end tracing REXX execs. The TE immediate command is available if an exec is running in TSO/E and you press the attention interrupt key to enter attention mode. You can enter TE in response to the REXX attention prompting message, IRX0920I. The exec continues processing, but tracing is off.

TE is also a TSO/E REXX command you can use in a REXX exec that runs in any address space.That is, TE is available from the TSO and MVS host command environments.

If you are running in interactive debug, you can also use TE without entering attention mode to end tracing.


You have an exec that calls an internal subroutine. The subroutine is not processing correctly and you want to trace it. At the beginning of the subroutine, you can insert a TS command to start tracing. At the end of the subroutine, before the RETURN instruction, insert the TE command to end tracing before control returns to the main exec.

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