IBM-REXX Tutorial

IBM-REXX Tutorial

What is IBM Rexx tutorial?

IBM Rexx (Restructured Extended Executor) is developed as a scripting language. The main objective of this language is to make scripting as easy, fast, reliable, and error-free as possible. Rexx is designed as a powerful, and easy to use. It is used for developing small programs to apply text file transformations. This tutorial provides the coverage of Rexx concepts and how to deal with different components and sub-components.


This tutorial is prepared for the professionals in the IT industry who are working in the field of Scripting and Macro Languages. It is useful for the professionals who works in Data Processing, text and also for generating reports.


This is a basic tutorial and it is must to know the concepts of scripting languages and programs. Having knowledge on prior exposure on programming languages, data processing, and generating reports.

IBM-REXX Tutorial: List of Topics

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