Temporary storage Queue - IBM Mainframe

The CICS Temporary Storage Control Program (TSP) provides the application programs with an ability to store and retrieve the data in a Temporary storage Queue (TSQ). TSQ is a queue of stored records, which is created and deleted dynamically by application programs without specifying anything in the CICS control tables as long as data recovery is not intended. Therefore the application programs can use the TSQ as a scratch pad memory facility for any purpose.

A TSQ is identified by a queue id and a record in it is identified by a relative position number called item number. The records once written will be available till the entire TSQ is deleted. In other words the read on a TSQ is not destructive. TSQ can be written in the main storage or auxiliary storage and regardless where the TSQ resides it can be accessed by any transaction in the same CICS region. The following commands are available for temporary storage Control: WRITEQ TS, READQ TS and DELETEQ TS.

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