A task is a unit of work, which is scheduled by the Operating system. CICS can be one of the many tasks under the OS. Similarly a unit for work schedule by CICS is called a CICS task. A task may be accomplished by executing one or more programs.

A transaction is an entity to initiate a task. A CICS transaction is a CICS task, which is initiated through a transaction identifier (transid). The transid (1 to 4 characters) must be registered in the Program Control Table (PCT). Since task is a single execution of a transaction in the single event environment both task and transaction means the same.

A program is a set of instructions to achieve some work. Under CICS an application program (max. 524, 152 bytes) is a set of instructions to perform some CICS task. Each CICS application program must be registered in the Processing Program Table (PPT). A CICS application program may perform more than one task.

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