As described earlier, IMS returns a status code after each call. While there are some 50-odd return codes, here are the most common codes:

  • Space - Successful return
  • CE - Unable to find a segment that will satisfy the call (Most common on GU with a qualified SSA)
  • CB - End of database reached without satisfying a GN call (Analogous to an end-of-file when reading a sequential file).
  • II - Tried to insert a segment that already exists on the database.
  • OA - CK - In satisfying a 'Get Next' call, IMS returned a different segment type. (Note: This is not necessarily an error.)
  • DA - A REPL was issued where the key field was modified by the program. (This is not allowed in IMS)
  • DJ - A DLET or REPL was issued without issuing a successful 'Get'. (High-level interface) or 'Get Hold' (Call-level interface) commands.

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