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The SEND command writes data to a standard CICS terminal support (BTAM or TCAM). Any CICS supported terminals may use this command structure if there is no other specific command for the device type. The syntax of the SEND command is given below:

An example of the SEND command is given below:

The various options of the SEND command are explained below:

  • DEST (name) - Character field (4 bytes) containing the symbolic TCAM message destination. This option only works when the terminals are defined in CICS as TYPE=SDSCI with DEVICE=TCAM. When using this option the programmer must be aware of any restrictions placed on device-dependent datastreams by the message control program in use.
  • FLENGTH (data_area) - Fuilword binary field (PIC S9(8) COMP) containing the length value of the data made available to the application program. For safety reasons the value should not exceed 24kb although it can be as high as 32kb.
  • FROM (data_area) - Identifies the storage location that contains the data to be written to the logical unit. FROMLENGTH or FROMFLENGTH must be specified when using this option.
  • LENGTH (data_value) - Halfword binary (PIC 9(4) COMP) indicating the number of bytes of storage required. LENGTH implies storage below the 16MB line with a maximum upper limit of 65,520 bytes. To acquire storage above the 16MB line you must use the FLENGTH option. LENGTH and FLENGTH are mutually exclusive. If a value less than zero is used then zero is assumed.
  • WAIT - The currently executed command must be completely finished before any further subsequent processing can be started. Without this option being specified, control is returned to the application program once the copy function of this command is started. Therefore any subsequent terminal processing (e.g. I/O request, terminal control, BMS, batch data interchange) connected with the task will cause the application program to wait until the previous request has been completed.

The handle conditions are:

  • INVREQ - For a distributed program link server application attempted to send data on its function-shipping (principal facility) session. The default action is the abnormal task termination.
  • LENCERR - CICS discards the data because the data length is out of the range of allowable values. The default action is the abnormal task termination.
  • NOTALLOC - Condition is set when the command is issued from a transaction, which is started from a non-terminal task. The default action is the abnormal task termination.

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