SSAs are the means by which the call-level interface communicates to IMS the specific segment (S) you wish to access or update. The SSAs have the following format:

Segment Name * Command Codes (Fieldname Rel.Oper.Value)

Segment Name refers to the segment type being either retrieved, updated, or specified as part of the access path to the segment type being retrieved/updated. Command codes refer to special codes, which alter the normal way in which process, a call. Fieldname refers to key field or search field within the segment that is being used to qualify the segment. Relational Operators (Rel.Opr) refers to the comparison that is to be made between the fieldname and value. Value refers to the value the fieldname is being compared against. The Relational Operators can be any one of the following:

  • EQ - Equal
  • GT - Greater Than
  • LT - Less Than
  • GE - Greater than or Equal to
  • LE-Less* than or Equal to
  • NE - Not Equal

SSAs can be qualified or unqualified. An unqualified SSA contains only the segment name for the segment type being retrieved. Unqualified SSAs will retrieve the first (GU processing) or next (GN processing) segment of that type. Qualified will cause the call to retrieve only the segments of that segment type that meet the qualification criteria. A single DL/I call can have multiple SSAs to describe the access path at each level within the hierarchy.

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