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This command will release one of the following, which was previously loaded by issuing the LOAD command: loaded program, table, or map set. With the use counter at zero, the application program can no longer use it until a LOAD command is issued.

After the use counter is decremented by 1, but still remains greater than zero, then the program is unavailable to the program until another LOAD command is issued. When the LOAD command with the HOLD option is used, the task will release the resource after the command completes if the use counter is zero, or if the counter is greater than 1 then the task will free up the use of the resource. With the HOLD option omitted on the LOAD command, the task will free up the use of the resource after decrementing the counter by 1 but the use counter is still greater than zero. If the use counter is zero then the resource is released from either the release command or task termination. Tasks may not issue a RELEASE request against programs loaded, without the HOLD option, by other tasks.

The syntax of the RELEASE command and an example are given below:

Where PROGRAM (name) is a Character field (1-8 bytes) specifying the name of a program, table, or mapset to be deleted. The name must have been defined in the RDO (Resource Definition On-line) file.

The Handle Conditions are:INVREQ, NOTAUTH, PGMIDERR

  • INVREQ –Occurs for any of the following reasons:
    1. Command is issued for a program containing the RELEASE command
    2. Program to be released was not previously loaded.
    3. Command was issued against a program that was loaded without the HOLD option by another task.

The default action is the abnormal termination of the task.

  • NOTAUTH - Resource security check failure has occurred on PROGRAM (name). The default action is the abnormal task termination.
  • PGMIDERR - Can occur for any of the following reasons:
    1. Program specified is not contained in the CICS PPT
    2. The program is disabled
    3. Program definition installed is for a remote program

The default action is the abnormal termination of the task.

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