If you intend to have multiple users execute an application program at the same time (for example, users in different address spaces accessing the same program residing in the Link-Pack Area), you must make your program reentrant by compiling your program with the RENT option. As a programmer, you do not need to worry about multiple copies of variables. The compiler creates the necessary reentrancy controls in your object module. The following VS COBOL II programs must be reentrant:

  • Programs to be used with CICS
  • Programs to be preloaded with IMS
  • Programs to be executed above 16 megabytes
  • Programs to be loaded and deleted by a non-COBOL program

For reentrant programs on MVS/XA and MVS/ESA machines, the DATA(24 | 31) compiler option controls whether dynamic data areas, such as Working-Storage, are obtained from storage below 16 megabytes, or from unrestricted storage.

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