The Program Control Table (PCT) defines the local transaction programs (TPs) to CICS. Each TP is specified using a DFHPCT definition that includes the name by which the TP is invoked (the TRANSID field) and the corresponding load module name from the CICS library of TPs. The main function of the Program Control Table (PCT) is to register the control information of all CICS transactions. The CICS task Control Program (KCP) uses the table for identifying and initiating the transactions. The entries in the PCT relate the 4-byte transaction code to an application program. The only programs that need a transaction id are those programs that are invoked directly by a terminal user or by CICS (via a RETURN TRANSID Command). The details that should be specified includes the Transaction-id (1 to 4 characters), the Program function key (PF1 to PF24) or Program Attention key (PA1 or PA2) to be used for initiating the transaction, the program associated with the transaction, etc. The macro used for making the PCT entry is DFHPCT.

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