PR/SM - IBM Mainframe

At one time, multiprocessor configurations were considered exotic, and the facilities for managing them were often inadequate. So, many installations resorted to VM, an operating system designed to emulate multiple computer systems. VM could be configured to take advantage of multiple processors, but it did not provide all of the controls needed to take full advantage of modem multiprocessor configurations.

To address this problem, current IBM multiprocessors include a feature called Processor Resource/Systems Manager, or PR/SM. PR/SM allows an installation to divide a multi-CPU processor into several partitions, or LPARs, each of which can function as an independent system. PR/SM can be configured so that a partition is reserved as a backup for a primary partition. If the primary partition fails, the backup partition can automatically take over the work that was being processed at the time of the failure. PR/SM also allows the I/O channels assigned to the various partitions to be reconfigured without disrupting work.

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