Every program that executes in MVS/XA or MVS/ESA is assigned two attributes, an AMODE (addressing mode) and an RMODE (residency mode).

AMODE specifies the addressing mode in which the program is designed to receive control. Generally, the program is also designed to execute in that mode, although a program can switch modes and can have different AMODE attributes for different entry points within a load module. RMODE indicates where the program can reside in virtual storage. Valid AMODE and RMODE specifications are:

  • AMODE=24 (24-bit addressing mode)
  • AMODE=31 (31-bit addressing mode)
  • AMODE=ANY (Either 24-bit or 31-bit addressing mode)
  • RMODE=24 (The module must reside in virtual storage below 16 megabytes. Use RMODE=24 for 31-bit programs that have 24-bit dependencies.)
  • RMODE=ANY (Indicates that the module can reside anywhere in storage, which includes addresses above the 16 megabyte line.)

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