The MIXRES run-time option is a feature that allows stepwise migration. It is no longer necessary for an application when all the programs in that application have been converted to RES. This option helps you migrate from NORES to RES by allowing you to mix RES and NORES, OSA'S COBOL and VS COBOL II programs within a single application. All combinations of RES and NORES, and VS COBOL II and OSA'S COBOL are supported.

Without MIXRES, both OSAS COBOL and VS COBOL II require that all programs in an application agree with respect to the RES or NORES option. This makes it difficult to migrate from OSAS COBOL to VS COBOL II. MIXRES allows you to gradually move to an all RES application, instead of having to recompile existing NORES programs for no other reason than to have them run properly in the same application with RES programs.

This support does not apply in the CICS environment. Also, the use of COBTEST is not allowed.

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