JOURNAL - IBM Mainframe

The automatic journaling is performed by CICS for the recoverable resources. In addition to automatic journaling, an application program can, as mentioned before, write its own type of journal records using a JOURNAL Command, This mode of journaling is called 'explicit journaling. The syntax of the JOURNAL command is as follows:


The JFILEID defines the journal id for the journal file. JTYPEID defines the two-byte user id. FROM defines the area from which the data is to be written. LENGTH indicates the length of the data area to be journaled. PREFIX defines the user prefix. PFXLENG indicates the length of the user prefix. If WAIT is specified, CICS will wait till the completion of journaling before the execution of the application program after the JOURNAL command. This is useful to secure that the journal has been taken before proceeding to the further processing. The JOURNAL command writes the data in a TSQ with the name given by the user.

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