Job Managent - IBM Mainframe

MVS processes an installation's workload as jobs. A job can be viewed as a series of JCL statements. JCL identifies the program to run and information such as what data sets, devices, or other system resources the job needs when it runs. The input data need by a job may be included with its JCL, or the JCL may refer to data in existing data sets.

As mentioned above a job is a set of tasks to be completed. A job is identified by a job name. Each task in a job is called a job step. A job step typically executes, one program, accesses input data sets, writes output data sets and uses work or temporary data sets. A job step indicates success or failure by a two digit return code. Return code of zero means that the job step was successful. Higher the return code, higher the severity of error. A job is a sequence of job steps executed one after the other. Maximum of 255 job steps can be specified in a job.

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