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For a newcomer to the Mainframe environment, it is slightly difficult to grasp the functioning of the Mainframes, especially if one has been exposed only to stand-alone Personal computers. In the Mainframe environment one need to host different things all at once. You need to know a programming language like VS COBOL II, PL/1 or C, you should learn how to use the Job Control Language (JCL), you should familiarize with the Time Sharing Option (TSO/ISPF), you need to learn how to use an editor like ISPF/PDF, etc.

Job Control Language(JCL) is ascripting languageused onIBM mainframeoperating systems to instruct the system on how to run abatch jobor start a subsystem.

There are actually two IBM JCLs: one for the operating system lineage that begins withDOS/360and whose latest member isz/VSE; and the other for the lineage fromOS/360 toz/OS. They share some basic syntax rules and a few basic concepts, but are otherwise very different.

JCL or Job Control Language tells the computer system what programs you want it to run, what files and libraries these programs will read and create, etc. It is the command language of the MVS operating system. Even though MVS has been upgraded from MVS/XA to MVS/ESA the JCL remains essentially unchanged.

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