This command will print the displayed data on the first available print request eligible printer. Printer must be in service, not attached to another task at the time of the print request, and be owned by the same CICS system from where the request was issued. It can be used on a number of different logical units, using the following constraints:

  • BTAM (3270 information display system), the printer must be attached to the same control unit as the terminal issuing the request, the printer must have a greater or equal buffer capacity of the terminal, and have the print feature specified in the associated DFHTCT TYPE=TERMINAL table
  • For a 3270 logical unit or a 3650 host conversational (3270) logical Unit, the PRINTTO or ALTPRT operands of the DFHTCT TYPE=TERMINAL table must define the printer, or by the RDO definitions, or by a printer supplied by the auto-install user program.
  • For a 3270-display logical unit with the PTRADAPT feature, used with a 3274 or 3276, printer allocation is done through the printer authorization matrix. The PTRADAPT feature is enabled by coding a DFHTCT TYPE=TERMINAL table with TRMTYPE=LUTYPE2 and FEATURE=PTRADAPT.
  • For a 3790 (3270-display) logical unit, the 3790 allocate the printer.

The syntax of the ISSUE PRINT command is given below:

The handle condition for ISSUE PRINT is TERMERR or terminal-related error. A user node error program (NEP) issuing a CANCEL TASK request can create this condition if the task has an outstanding terminal control request active when the node abnormal condition program (CSNE) handles the session error.

The ISSUE PRINT on a BTAM 3270 information display system cannot raise this condition. The default action is the abnormal task termination with abend code ATNI.

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