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Command that copies the format and data contained in the buffer of a specified terminal (3270 BTAM terminal) into the buffer of the terminal that initiated the transaction. Both sending and receiving terminals must be attached to the same remote control unit. The syntax of the command is given below:

An example of the ISSUE COPY command is given below:

The various options of the command are:

  • CTLCHAR (datavalue) - Copy Control Character (CCC, 1 byte) that defines the copy function. COBOL programs must specify a data area containing this character, otherwise the entire buffer contents ((including nulls) are copied.
  • TERMID (name) - Character field (1-4 bytes) specifying the terminal whose buffer will be copied. The termid must be defined to CICS in the TCT (Terminal Control Table).
  • WAIT - The currently executed command must be completely finished before any further subsequent processing can be started. Without this option being specified, control is returned to the application program once the copy function of this command is started. Therefore any subsequent terminal processing (e.g. I/O request, terminal control, BMS, batch data interchange) connected with the task will cause the application program to wait until the previous request has been completed.

The handle condition for the command is TERMIDERR. This is generated when the specified TERMID is not located in the CJCS TCT. The default action is the abnormal task termination.

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