For any application system, security of the resources is very important. This is especially true in the case of a Database/Data Control system, because anybody who has authority to access the system can access the other resources under the same system. The data stored in the system may be of confidential and sensitive in nature. The unauthorized access of this data, if not prevented efficiently, can cause severe consequences. The data may get corrupted if somebody who does not have the knowledge of the proper update procedures updates or modifies it. There is even the possibility of tampering with the data. In today's world information is the key to survival and if the information is lost or damaged the very functioning of the organizations can be at stake. So the system security is a very critical and crucial issue.

As a DB/DC system CICS provides the user with a variety of security facilities. Some of the important security control facilities that is provided by CICS are given below:

  • Sign-on Table (SNT)
  • Transaction Security
  • Resource Security
  • Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)

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