IEBCOPY - IBM Mainframe

IEBCOPY is a data set utility that is used to copy or merge members between one or more partitioned data sets, or partitioned data sets extended (PDSEs), in full or in part. More specifically, this utility is commonly used for several purposes:

  • To copy selected (or all) members from one partitioned data set to another.
  • To copy a partitioned data set into a unique sequential format known as an unloaded partitioned data set. As a sequential data set it can be written on tape, sent by FTP, or manipulated as a simple sequential data set.
  • To read an unloaded partitioned data set (which is a sequential file) and recreate the original partitioned data set. Optionally, only selected members might be used.
  • To compress partitioned data sets (in place) to recover lost space. The JCL used to execute this utility is as follows:


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