How MVS Manages User Jobs - IBM Mainframe

Now that you know about the basic MVS facilities of virtual storage, multiprogramming, and data management, you are ready to learn about the MVS facilities that manage the execution of jobs. Among those facilities are services that read and store jobs, select jobs for execution based on the relative importance of each job, allocate resources to jobs as they execute, and process printed output produced by jobs. Collectively, the functions performed by those services are usually referred to as job management.

As you work with MVS and learn how to use Job Control Language, it is critical that you have an understanding of how MVS job management handles your jobs. If you do not, much of what MVS does for you will seem confusing or mysterious. As a result, this topic describes the basic concepts of MVS job management. First, we will see what a job is and how JCL specifies its processing requirements. Next, we will see how an MVS component called the Job Entry Subsystem (JES) has overall responsibility for job management. Then, we will see the phases that a job goes through as it is processed.

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