The most common file control commands are:

  • READ - Read a file for inquiry or access without update.
  • READ FOR UPDATE - Reads a file with the intent of changing the record.
  • WRITE - Write a new record to the file.
  • REWRITE - Modify a record, read for update.
  • UNLOCK - Release a record read for update, if update is not required.
  • DELETE - Delete a record from the file.
  • STARTBR - Establish a starting point for a browse.
  • READNEXT - Read the next record after a STARTBR or a prior READNEXT command.
  • READPREV - Read the previous record after a STARTBR or a prior READPREV command.
  • ENDBR - Terminate a browse operation initiated by a STARTBR command.
  • RESETBR - End the previous browse operation and start a new one.

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