Browsing is a sequential search*of any organized body of data. In CICS, by using the browse commands you can process VSAM and BDAM files sequentially. A browse operation essentially contains three steps establishing a starting point, retrieving of records and finally terminating the operation. The starting point is established using the STARTBR command. The retrieval of records is accomplished using the READPREV and READNEXT commands and the termination of the operation is done using the ENDBR command.

Some applications require a program to start at a specified item in the file and then to display records sequentially beginning from that point. A record cannot be updated by using browse commands. For that it must be read for update. Browse is mainly used by inquiry transactions, where the user only wants to see the details regarding a particular record or records meeting certain search criteria. The following sections deal with the Browse commands used by CICS.

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