These commands are used for the following purposes:

  • To transport a user catalog, a cluster or an alternate index from one system to another. This can be helpful when making a conversion from a VSE to an MVS system
  • To create backup copies of clusters or alternate indexes using EXPORT and to use them for recovery, restore and reorganization purposes later using IMPORT

These commands, though functionally similar to the REPRO command are different in that, REPRC can be used for both VSAM and non-VSAM data sets. EXPORT and IMPORT can only be used for VSAM data sets. Using REPRO, you back up only the logical records of a data set. When the data set is to be restored, it is delete-defined and restored with records from the backup copy. On the contrary, EXPORT not only backs up the records of the data set, but also extracts the attributes of the data set from the catalog. IMPOR" automatically deletes the data set and then defines it from the attributes backed up by the EXPORT command. Then the records are restored to the cluster.

There are two variations to the EXPORT command. A TEMPORARY export does not delete the source object after the backup has been performed, while a PERMANENT export deletes the source after backup. Therefore, in the latter case, the alternate indexes will have to be backed up first because deleting the base cluster would otherwise wipe out the alternate indexes. A sample JCL for EXPORT is given below.



INHIBITSOURCE means the source data set will not be available for updates after EXPORT. INHIBITTARGET means the restored data will not be available for updates after IMPORT. Sample JCL for IMPORT is given below:

Sample JCL for IMPORT

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