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The ENTER command makes a trace table entry in the currently active trace destinations, but only when the master user trace flag is on, unless the EXCEPTION is specified. When EXCEPTION is specified the trace entries are always written even if the master trace flag is set to OFF, and are always written to the internal trace table (even if it is turned off), and to any other active destinations.

The EXCEPTION option for tracing can be used in an application program to write trace entries when detecting an abnormal or error condition. To do this with programs that have given up control after detecting errors, you can issue the ENTER TRACENUM command from a user written program error program (PEP). Consult the CICS support personnel on how to go about modifying the DFHPEP program, which is a CICS system control program, which can be custom, tailored to each installation.

ENTER TRACENUM replaces the ENTER TRACEID command. The older ENTER TRACEID command is still supported for CICS releases prior to version 3. All new programs and any maintenance performed on existing programs must use the newer ENTER TRACENUM command. The syntax of the command is given below:


The options of the command are:

  • EXCEPTION - This option identifies to CICS to write a user exception trace entry. Master user trace flag is overridden by this option, and even if the user trace flag is off, CICS will still write the trace entry. These trace entries when formatted by the trace utility program, are identified by the characters *EXCU.
  • FROM (data_area) - Data area containing the data to be entered into the data field of the trace table entry. IF omitted then two fullwords of binary zeros are passed.
  • FROMLENGTH (dataarea) - Halfword binary value (value range is 0-4000) containing the length of the trace data. When omitted, the default value becomes 8 bytes.
  • RESOURCE (name) - Character field (1-8 characters) name, which is entered into the resource field of the trace table entry.
  • TRACENUM (data_value) - Halfword binary value with the range values from 0 to 199, which specifies the trace identifier for a user trace, table entry.
  • Handle Conditions:
  • INVREQ - TRACENUM range is outside the bounds (0-199) or no valid trace destination or EXCEPTION is not specified when the trace master flag is set OFF
  • LENGERR - FROMLENGTH range is outside the bounds (0-4000)

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