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The EIBRCODE field is a 6-byte field containing, the response code of the last CICS command execution. It must be interpreted in conjunction with the value of the EIBFN field,which is a 2-byte field containing the function code of the last command executed. The interpretation of EIBRCODE in this way represents exceptional conditions of that command. Therefore it is very useful to analyze the value of both EIBRCODE and EIBFN fields for effective debugging.

The following table summarizes the values of EIBRCODE with respect to CICS commands, which are discussed in this book. The table should be read as follows. The value in byte 0 of EIBFN represents a CICS control group. The value in byte I of EIBFN represents a CICS command of that control group. In general, a combination of byte 0 of EIBFN and byte 0 of EIBRCODE determines an exceptional condition associated with CICS commands of that control group. Bytes 1, 2, and 3 of EIBRCODE provide further detailed description of the condition. Bytes 4 and 5 of EIBRCODE are used for other purposes, so they are not listed here.


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