You can use theIntegrated Virtualization Managerto change the amount of memory that a running logical partition uses. You can change the amount of memory that a running logical partition uses, if the partition is capable of dynamic memory changes. To dynamically change the amount of memory that a running logical partition uses, complete these steps in theIntegrated Virtualization Manager:

  1. In the navigation area, selectView/Modify PartitionsunderPartition Management.The View/Modify Partitions page is displayed.
  2. Select the logical partition for which you want to change the memory settings.
  3. From theTasksmenu, clickProperties.The Partition Properties page is displayed.
  4. On the General tab, verify thatYesis the value forMemory DLPAR Capable.You might need to clickRetrieve Capabilitiesto verify this value. IfNois the value forMemory DLPAR Capable, then you cannot dynamically change the memory settings for the logical partition while the logical partition is active.
  5. Select theMemorytab.
  6. Specify new values in the Pending column for the memory settings that you want to change.If the client logical partition uses shared memory, you can dynamically change the Pending values, including the memory weight. However, you cannot change the memory mode of a running logical partition. Note:For logical partitions that use either dedicated memory or shared memory, you can change the minimum and maximum memory values only while the logical partition is not running.
  7. ClickOK.The management partition synchronizes the current assigned value with the pending assigned value. Synchronization can take several seconds to complete. You can perform other tasks on the system while the management partition is synchronizing the current and pending values.

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