When the SYSID option contains the name of a remote CICS region then CICS will ship the link request to the remote region. When the linked-to program executes the RETURN command, control is returned to the originating program in the original calling region to the next sequential executable instruction. When using the SYSID option (with or without the associated TRANSID and SYNCONRETURN options), the link is considered a distributed program link (DPL). The SYSID and INPUTMSG options are mutually exclusive. If both options are used on a LINK command, the CICS translator will issue the error message DFH7230 (severity E) indicating conflicting options were specified. A linked-to program in a remote region is restricted to a DPL subset of the CICS API. The following is a short list of commands that cannot be issued:

  • Terminal control commands that reference the principal facility
  • Commands that inquire on, or set, terminal attributes
  • BMS commands
  • Sign on and sign off commands
  • Batch data interchange commands
  • Commands that address the TCTUA

If the linked-to program in the remote region abends, the abend code is returned to the calling program. If the calling program does not have code written to handle abends returned by the linked-to program the calling program, then the calling program abends with the same abend code returned by the linked-to program. The following is the syntax of the LINK command.

syntax of the LINK command

Given below is an example of LINK:

example of LINK

example of LINK

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