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This command will release an ENQ on a CICS resource by the task, so that it may be enqueued upon by other CICS tasks.If a task has enqueued a resource and not issued a dequeue command, then on termination of the task or during syncpoint processing, the resource will automatically be released. In-house standards should be established to protect against conflicting actions between task, or create single threading within a program. The DEQ command is ignored if the resource was never enqueued. The DEQ command will only work against a enqueued resource when the method used in dequeuing the resource matches the method used for enqueuing the same resource. If a task issues several enqueue commands, then the same a mount of dequeues must also-be issued before the resource is released by the task. The syntax of the DEQ command is as follows:


The various options of the command are explained below:

  • LENGTH (datavalue) - Halfword binary value (range 1-255), indicating the length of the character string specifying the RESOURCE to be dequeued. If the ENQ command specified the LENGTH option, then it must also be specified in the DEQ command for that same resource, and the values must match in the two commands.
  • MAXUFETIME (cvda) - Defines the life span of the ENQ being released. The two values that can be passed to CICS are:
    1. LUW ENQ was acquired with a life span of a logical unit of work. This is the default value.
    2. TASK ENQ was acquired with a life span of a task.
  • RESOURCE (data_area) - Identifies the resource to be released (dequeued), or a data area containing the resource. In releasing a data area, the LENGTH option is required. Handle Conditions:
  • INVREQ - MAXUFETIME option is set with an incorrect CVDA
  • LENGERR - LENGTH value range specified is outside the range of 1-255.

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