Direct use of byte-oriented nonnumeric operations (for example, STRING and UNSTRING) on nonnumeric data items containing double-byte characters leads to unpredictable results. When statements that operate on a byte-by-byte basis are used with nonnumeric data items containing double-byte characters, you should first convert these items to pure DBCS data. This allows you to use supported functions on the DBCS data item. Once you have achieved the results you want, you can convert the DBCS data item back to a nonnumeric data item containing double-byte characters.

VS COBOL II provides two service routines (ICZCA2D and IGZCD2A) that allow you to convert between nonnumeric data items and DBCS data items using the VS COBOL II CALL interface. The 1GZCA2D service routine can be used to convert nonnumeric data that contains double-byte characters to pure DBCS data. The IGZCD2A routine converts pure DBCS data to nonnumeric data that can contain double-byte characters. The DBCS-compiler option does not effect the operation of these service routines.

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