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How secure is the data? Can somebody can tap into your system and erase all your data? The term 'security' is used in database contexts to mean the protection of the data in the data against unauthorized disclosure, alteration and destruction. DB2 like all other database management systems has an array of security mechanisms built into it. For example, the data can be protected from column or row level, table level, to the system level. User can be given privileges so that 'all are not equal under the eyes of DB2'. Some users can be given privileges just to browse through the data (SELECT privileges) while more luckier and powerful users can get SELECT and UPDATE privileges.

Another important aspect in the security mechanism of DB2 is the use of view. Views, if effectively used can become an efficient security tool, which helps providing only the necessary information to the users, that is on a 'need to know' basis. DB2 has commands (GRANT) for giving certain authority or privileges to a certain user and if that user misbehaves or if the system administrator thinks that he not eligible for such privileges then again DB2 has commands (REVOKE) to withdraw the privileges vested on a user.

DB2 has also facility to give authorization to a group of people, say everybody in the accounts department.We will examine each of these issues, in greater details in the following sections.

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