Data Protection - IBM Mainframe

A rise in the volume of important information stored in computer systems, the ability to access this information through interactive processing, and the growth in the number of users ail made data more vulnerable to intentional or unintentional misuse. Thus, data protection has become a major concern at most installations.

Resource Allocation Control Facility (RACF) is a product that can provide data security for the resources for an MVS system. RACF protects data from being disclosed, modified or destructed accidentally or deliberately. RACF allows an installation to define the resources it wants to protect and to control access to those resources. RACF can protect resources such as tape volumes, terminals, DASDs, data sets, and programs. RACF can log and report attempts to access protected resources. If a user attempts to access a resource, but does not have the appropriate authority to do so, RACF can immediately notify security management.

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