The CICS system components provide a convenient grouping of the CICS system programs, each of which has its own specialized functions. The core portions of the CICS system (Nucleus) consist of control programs and control tables. In this book only those programs and tables, which are directly related to the application development only, will be discussed. CICS has other control programs and tables for system programming.

The CICS control programs and control tables make the system flexible and easy to maintain. CICS control programs achieve their primary tasks by their corresponding control tables. Once installed, the control programs can be kept as they are and any modifications, additions or deletions as hardware configuration changes and application programs are added, can be made to the control tables. This feature makes the task of the system administrator easy and frees the application programmer from the hardware considerations. Some of the programs and the corresponding tables are given in the following table:

CICS Control Programs and Tables

CICS Control Programs and Tables

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