The COBOL COPY library is a partitioned data set consisting of frequently used statements or entire COBOL programs. You can include these statements or programs at compile" time' with the COPY or BASIS statements. You can use INSERT or DELETE statements, or the REPLACING phrase of the COPY statement to modify the included text.

If you use the EXIT compiler option to specify a LIB EXIT module, your results may differ from those presented in this chapter. To enter or update source statements in the COPY library, a utility program must be used. IEBUPDTE is the IBM-supplied utility program that will accomplish this. IEBUPDTE does not have data integrity checking. ISPF edit would also do the job and has data integrity checking when used in option2.

The maximum block size for the COPY library depends on the device on which your data set resides. If more than one COPY library is being used, the COPY statement must include the phrase: IN/OF library-name, where library-name is the ddname identifying the particular partitioned data set to be copied from. (If this qualifying phrase is omitted, the default ddname becomes SYSLIB.) At compile time, COPYLIB is identified on a DD statement; for example:


Members of the COPY library can be retrieved using COPY or BASIS statements.

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