CICS Interval Control Program - IBM Mainframe

The CICS Interval Control Program (1CP) provides application programs with time-controlled functions, such as the time-oriented task synchronization, providing current date and time and the automatic initiation of the time-ordered tasks. The following commands are available for interval control:

  • ASKTIME - To request the current date and time
  • FORMATTIME - To select a format of data and time
  • DELAY - To delay the processing of a task
  • POST - To request notification of when the specified time has expired
  • WAIT EVENT - To wait for an event to occur
  • START - To start a transaction and store data for the task
  • RETRIEVE - To retrieve the data stored by the START command for a transaction
  • CANCEL - To cancel the effect of the previous interval control command

The CICS Task Control Program (KCP) provides functions of synchronization of task activities and exclusive control of resources. The following commands are available for the task control:

  • SUSPEND - To suspend a task
  • ENQ - To gain exclusive control over a resource
  • DEQ-To release exclusive control from a resource

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