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A CICS 'exceptional condition' or 'condition' Is defined as the reason why a CICS command cannot be executed. Conditions may occur at any time during the execution of a command and unless otherwise specified in the application program, a standard system default action for each condition will be taken. Usually this default action is to terminate the task abnormally. If the execution is abnormally terminated CICS will issue an Abnormal Termination Code (ABEND Code), which is associated with the exceptional condition. A list of the common ABEND codes is given at the end of this section

Checking conditions is like checking the return codes after executing the COBOL I/O statements in non-CICS programs. It is always better to check for the exceptional conditions after the execution of every CICS command. Each CICS command has its own set of exceptional conditions and will be discussed in the coming sections along with the commands.

The CICS command executed last is shown in the field E1BFN, while the response code for the last CICS command is shown in EIBRCODE. The exceptional condition is nothing but the interpretation of the response code in the EIBRCODE field based on the command code in the EIBFN field.

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