The Temporary storage Browse (CEBR) is a CICS supplied transaction, which browses the TSQs. It is a very convenient tool for debugging because you can display the contents of the TSQ when you are monitoring an application program through EDF. Also if the application program is written in VS COBOL II with FDUMP option, the formatted Dump will be stored in the TSQ and can be used for debugging. CEBR can be invoked directly by typing CEBR after clearing the screen and then pressing ENTER. The CEBR initial screen will be displayed where you type 'QUEUE xxxxxxxx' where 'xxxxxxxx' is the queue id of the TSQ to be browsed. After pressing the ENTER key the contents of the TSQ will be displayed. You can also invoke CEBR from the EDF mode. Press PF% key to display the Working storage screen and then press PF12 key to invoke CEBR. At the initial CEBR screen displayed type the TSQ name and the TSQ will be displayed. You can resume the EDF operations by pressing PF3.

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