There are two type of computer applications Batch and On-line. These days, the on-line system is so common that every installation and industry has it. There are many advantages for an on-line system. Information, which is up-to-date, can be shared between multiple users simultaneously and instantly. The users can be spread across a wide geographic area. This makes on-line systems an ideal choice for applications like airline and railway reservation and banking systems. Data validation and editing can be done at the time of data entry. But there are some limitations also for on-line systems. For example, if massive file updates and lengthy calculations are involved, the on-line systems become very costly in terms of resource consumption. In such cases batch systems are more advantageous. An ideal solution is to have a proper mix of both, that is an on-line system along with a batch system. After a certain amount of on-line real time operations, a series of batch jobs run against the database, which the on-line system has updated, and do the further processing and other jobs like creating and printing of reports. Thus the on-line and batch systems are complementary to each other.

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