In this section we discuss the commands and options required to format and transmit a single output page comprising of multiple maps. To accomplish this the program issues a series of SEND MAP commands, one for each map to be displayed on the terminal page. The SEND MAPS commands must be coded in the sequence the maps are to appear on the page. This sequence is always top to bottom and unless you specify JUSTIFY=RIGHT in the DFHMDI macro, left to right. The page building is typically used, as mentioned before, for repetitive, columnar displays of one or more pages. The page usually contains a header map, a detail map that is used a number of times and one or more trailer maps. The following are the steps that should be taken in the application program to build and transmit a display page composed of several maps.

  • Send the header map.
  • Create the detail map
  • Send additional detail maps in a processing loop until the page is full
  • Send the trailer map.

This is illustrated in the following figure.

Page Building Process

Page Building Process

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